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The Basics of Boat Insurance!

With the summer season here and Independence Day coming up, there are sure to be many people out there boating! With that, we wanted to cover some of the basics of boat insurance to keep you informed and protected, that way you can have a peaceful summer out on the lake all summer long!

Boat insurance explained

When your boat is in an accident or damaged, boat insurance would cover you if you had it. There are different kinds of policies. Some include bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance.

The benefits of having boat insurance

  • Protection: Boat insurance can provide coverage for many things, such as physical damage to your boat, collision costs, liability for others and their property on your boat and more.

  • Peace of mind: When you own a boat, you want to be able to relax and enjoy it. Having boat insurance brings that peace of mind because you know you won't have to worry about potential damage or other risks out on the water.

  • Customizable coverage: Boat Insurance is very customizable when it comes to creating a policy. There isn't one coverage to choose from. You can create a policy that best suits your vessel.

Boat insurance can cover a few things

This all depends on the sort of boat you are insuring and the coverage you choose to cover your boat. There are several types of boat insurance that you can choose from to create the perfect protection for you.

  • Boat liability coverage: This would cover passenger's injuries and damages done to other boats, docks, and any other property.

  • Uninsured/underinsured boater: This would protect you if you were hit by or if damage is caused to you or your boat by another boater who isn't insured.

  • Collision coverage: This covers your boat and any other boats you damage.

  • Actual cash value: This pays the value of your boat at the time of damage or destruction.

  • Agreed amount value: This pays you an amount that you and the insurer agreed on beforehand if your boat is damaged or destroyed.

Be sure to also ask about coverage for your boat trailer if you so desire. These are only some standard boat insurance coverages, but there are more depending on who you create a policy with.

A misconception about boat insurance

Some people fall into the trap of believing that homeowners or auto insurance would cover their boat, but boats fall into their own category for insurance policies. While they are similar to auto insurance, they both require their own policies. Personal watercrafts (jet skis, seadoos, etc.) however may fall under homeowners' insurance. Contact your agent before assuming you have coverage. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

What you need for a boat insurance quote

We often get customers in our door that don't realize how much information we need to provide them with an accurate boat quote.

Here is what we're going to ask for:

  • Boat Year / Make / Model

  • Boat Length

  • Boat Hull ID

  • Boat Hull Material

  • Max Speed

  • Total H.P.

  • Motor Type

  • Motor Year / Make / Model

  • Motor Serial #

  • Purchase Price

  • Value of Personal Property / Fishing Equipment in the Boat

  • Safety Equipment / Features on Boat

  • Summer / Winter Mooring Locations

How you can get boat insurance

You can get boat insurance through Truly Insurance! Simply call one of our offices and we would be happy to assist you in getting your own boat insurance!

La Cygne              (913) 757-4551

Mound City         (913) 795-2200

Garnett                (785) 448-3841

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